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Berling & Associates Typical Client

Professional Working Couples

Many professional working couples have dedicated themselves to their careers and are very successful. Yet, understandably, they don’t have a good grasp on the complexities of the ever changing world of finance and investing.

Often they may have a pension, 401k, and stock options, and they qualify for social security. The major challenge they face is how to create a stream of regular income while avoiding mistakes, which could cost them unnecessarily.

We help develop a plan that focuses on creating a stream of consistent income during retirement by helping clients:

  • Examine The Timing, Source, Sequence And Amount Of Distributions
  • Review All Trusts Beneficiary Designations*
  • Explore Roth IRA Conversion Options*
  • Ensure Suitable Protection Plan Type & Amounts*

Small Business Owners/ Self Employed Professionals

Often the owners of small companies must face the reality that, although they have built successful businesses, they haven’t put a plan in place as to how to leave it or to sell it to someone else. Perhaps they planned to have their children take over. But as we all know, sometimes kids have their own plans.

By the time they come to us, these clients have usually built up a nice cash flow, but feel trapped, and aren’t sure how to one day stop working so hard. Some of the challenges our business owners face include how to:

  • Prepare for the unlikely, but financially devastating, impact of a death or long term illness on their families and or businesses
  • Maximize the wealth accumulated in their business
  • Create contingency plans so that if the business doesn’t sell, they can still retire.
  • Attract and retain great employees by providing the right benefits and avoiding the costly "wrong" ones.
  • Smoothly transition the business once a successor is identified.

Displaced Executives

Many times company executives are forced to leave their company after long term employment due to no fault of their own. They’re often caught up in corporate “downsizing”, or their company merges with another, making their position obsolete.

Like our professional working couples above, these displaced executives must also often make complicated, irreversible decisions in a very short period of time, including how to:

  • Incorporate existing company benefits into their post employment plans.
  • Utilize company stock or stock options accumulated in the most tax efficient manner
  • Use company sponsored pension plans, 401Ks or deferred compensation plans to support safe retirement goals.
  • Create a reliable source of retirement income.
  • Balance portfolio safety desired with growth needed.
  • Manage investments and savings.
  • Prepare for the unlikely, but financially devastating, impact of a death or long-term illness on their familiesand their retirement plan.
  • Leave the assets they have, to whom they want, when they want, with a minimum of taxes and maximum control.
  • Coordinate the advice of other their other wealth professionals, IE; Attorneys, Accountants, and Trustees, to help insure all aspects of their unique financial situation are addressed and properly attended to.


We also serve clients who plan on working for many years. These clients also need assistance with their financial lives, and include:

  • Small business owners or professionals who face unique cash flow, retirement, and succession planning needs, often with complex family issues.
  • Executives with stock options and other creative bonus plans who must make timely and accurate choices regarding the exercise of those options, or risk tax or IRS penalties.
  • Making choices within a company’s benefit plan, which can often be confusing and intimidating. Options such as Group Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Pension options, and 401K allocations are among the many option employees must evaluate.

The financial objectives for most of our clients are preservation of capital and income generation. They are receptive to new ideas for managing their retirement assets and are willing to take action once the advantages and disadvantages have been discussed and understood. Often, a course of action will encompass multiple strategies, which addresses our client’s need for liquidity and growth, as well as asset preservation and income.

Our clients are looking for an advisor who is able to broaden the conversation beyond asset management to life management, using their resources to build the life they desire for themselves, and to leave a meaningful and positive family legacy for the benefit of their children and grandchildren.